Sandy and Marc

I had the pleasure of getting my friends Marc and Sandy to come over one night for a little photo session. This was to test out some lighting on my end and they wanted some photos of them together. So it was a win win as we had a great night.



It has been a while since I have last posted anything. I have recently started a new job and haven’t had the time to get my act in gear. Thanks to some fantastic new lighting gear I just bought I needed to test it out. So a big thanks to Kate who came over to be my subject for the following photos testing out my new kit. I hope you enjoy them.


The following photo’s are taken of my niece Sophie during a holiday to visit my sister. The hardest part is getting her attention to take a photo and you have to be quick. You literally need somebody being a tad crazy behind you so she is looking towards the lens. I had a great time taking shots of her with my new 85mm prime lens and hope you like the results.

First Book called “3”

Over the weekend being holiday season I decided it was about time to make a book of photographs I have taken thus far. I titled it “3” as it follows three area’s of photography I have decided to explore. Trying to find a style in each area of Characters, Places, and Urban Exploration.

If you would like to buy the book yourself you can at this address:

Travel – San Francisco

Photographs taken on my last two trips to San Francisco to visit my sister’s family there. Such a lovely place I would love to visit again.