Melbourne Koukei Shoot 2013

First photo edited from a fantastic shoot down in Melbourne!!! Only processed and a hint of healing brush….. Many more to come!!!!


Some more photos from the shoot again with processing and a hint of healing brush.

Anne Duffy



Sydney Koukei Shoot

Somehow checking back on this blog a few of my photos got deleted into the abyss and adding them back to the old posts caused some issues. So I was going through re-sizing the old photos and decided to tweak a few and add some new ones. Here they are again and some new ones for you to enjoy.

More shots from Melbourne

I have finally started to finish up some images in photoshop from Melbourne. Due to a few side projects for friends in the 3D and photography arena I haven’t had the time to touch up these images. All that has been done is a little healing out some imperfections here or there.

Pin Up shoot for

Some photos from my shoot for a friend at Was a fun full day shoot at the Cremorne Hotel in Sydney and thanks to Mike from ICapture for organizing the location. I think everybody had a great time and I hope you like the photos.



Shoot in Melbourne at Koukei

I had the amazing pleasure to be shown a few things about lighting with Peter Coulson down in Melbourne a couple weeks ago now. I have just started to photoshop some of the results and couldn’t help but post a few here now.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined